Thursday, December 2, 2010

Positive, Comparative, and Superlative

Adjectives have three degrees of comparison: positive, comparative and superlative.

- The positive form is used when no comparison is made.
- The comparative form is used to compare two nouns. You need to add -er to the adjectives of comparison and the word than after that. Examples:

1. I am older than my sister.
2. He is taller than the teacher.

- The superlative form is used to compare three or more nouns. You need to add -est to the adjectives and the in front of it. Examples:

1. Reza is the smartest boy in class.
2. Kasturi is the prettiest among her sisters.
Other examples:

The words more and most are used for adjectives of three or more syllables. They are also used with some adjectives with two syllables. Examples:

1. Her house is more beautiful than mine but his house is the most beautiful.
2. She was more cheerful yesterday than on Monday but today she is the most cheerful.

Some adjectives are compared irregularly. Examples :

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